Produced to assist women to 'keep on keeping on' even around THAT time of the month. Lavender soothes the mind and helps relieve headaches and generally aides in relaxation; Ginger assists the stomach and gently relieves any discomfort, Hibiscus flower boosts our level of vitamin c and antioxidants, Dong Quai Root levels hormones and acts as a blood tonic to assist restoration of blood cells. Both earthy and sweet this tea will immediately comfort and restore.... 

Wild Woman's Comfort (organic)

  • Ingredients: Lemongrass, Ginger, Lavender, Hibiscus flowers, Dong Quai Root
Tea and Holistic Health

Timeless Tea. Soothe yourself with the energy and love of Timeless Tea brews. Tea with Soul.

What makes Timeless Tea Unique?

Carefully sourced

Personally Tasted

Energy Transference during packing

Meditation Aid

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