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Positivity- The Story Behind the Blend

In the beginning of my tea business I was purchasing teas to try from different providers. One tea in particular from inspired me. The flavours were interesting and left the palate refreshed and clean. Their tea, however, did not meet all my needs and did not come as an organic blend, but it did give me the motivation toward the beginnings of Positivity.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Licorice. I find it overpowers other ingredients. So I made this brew with the intention to experience the flavours and their effects on the body in a more balanced way. With my Positivity brew, the licorice is present, however is subtle.... All of the ingredients can be tasted for the entirety of the steeping. I recommend this brew to be continually steeped when consuming to gain the maximum balancing of the mind, body and spirit.

Benefits: This brew is based on the Ayurvedic principles of balancing the different 'bodies' of a person:- the physical, mental and spiritual With this in mind, Positivity was created based on the balancing of heating herbs, such as ginger, with cooling herbs, such as Lemongrass- not only for taste benefits, but also utilising the plant wisdom. An example of this is how the warming ginger assists the stomach, the warming and soothing nature and anti-flatulent aspect of cloves work together with the Lemongrass and licorice which cool the mind. So, simultaneously we have the upper parts of the body (mind) being assisted by the cooling herbs, and the lower internal parts of the body being assisted by the warming herbs. By finding the balance in the mind, physical, and spiritual we attain a balanced and healthy life. Between the two polarities lies the wisdom ready for us to consume!

Positivity Brew- a herbal creation
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