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Ascension Brew- More Than Just Taste

In my life, I have been lucky enough to come across many beautiful souls who have helped me on my journey. One person who has helped me beyond my wildest dreams (and I use that term loosely), is Jessica Greenland. A humble person with natural abilities along the lines of 'connection and intuition' that are out of this world (not sure if she would like me writing this), and a connection to nature to a depth that I have never experienced before in this life. She is a timelessly cherished friend of mine, and a very gifted Reiki Master (in fact, her humbleness makes her an exquisite teacher)..... This brew was inspired by her journey, and I feel that if you appreciate someone then you make an offering with whatever you have to give. The Ascension brew is it! I knew that this blend would be beautifully unique- just like her...

Sometimes on our 'journey' it can get rough, and a little help is needed with staying in 'the flow' of the universe, and also to ease the side effects of sometimes what many may describe as 'rapid growth- or shifting'. It was only a month before I went on my first retreat when my friend spoke of her shifting- and a side effect of this was headaches....

While on retreat, I, too suffered from extreme headaches. I very rarely suffer from headaches. And, I was required to take medication for it as I had no alternative. Now, the medication numbed my headache, however it numbed my connection to the subtle energy flow as well. I knew in that moment that I needed to create a brew that would provide an alternative to using numbing medications, and both assist with easing the headaches, without numbing an individual to the subtle energy of deep connection and flow. So, when I got home, I sat down with the intention to create a brew......

I had my favourite tree, the Willow tree drift elegantly into my mind. I started there. White willow bark was known as a natural aspirin. It contains salicylates, which is the common ingredient as aspirin which assists pain relief see for more information. Its wisdom was used by many ancient cultures for its pain relief for many thousands of years, the earliest recording of it was about 4,000 years by the Sumerians, who noted the pain remedies of the willow tree on early clay tablets ( White willow bark assists with thinning the blood and improves circulation (please consult your doctor if on medication). Now Willow bark is a moon energy or feminine energy. Feminine energy belongs to the subtle energy fields, of which I felt more was needed....

I added my favourite flower, the lotus flower to the mix. The lotus is a feminine herb used by the ancient Egyptians to tap into the creative aspects of their mind. Some go as far to suggest that they were enabled to spiritually travel to other realms using the secrets of feminine energy brought forth by the lotus flower...

And, In ancient Indian culture, the lotus flower was used in both Hindu and In Buddhist symbolism, where the lotus represented purity of the body, mind and soul, holding this flower very sacred indeed....

This sacred flower is said to be very high in antioxidants, assists the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory components. It is still widely consumed today as a health tea!

A further feminine herb was needed- I needed to have three in the brew for some reason! The last one added was Shatavari root. This was known in ancient Asian cultures to be the herb for dreaming and entering altered states of consciousness. The ayurvedic usage for the herb is for female reproductive support. I felt this was integral for the moon cycle of the modern woman and added the third and final feminine herb, to encourage getting her back in touch with her inner wisdom. This herb was more of a earthy flavour then the Lotus and the white willow bark, so provided a little grounding to the other two herbs which were both a rather high note in taste.

I felt this was too much of a feminine taste. The flavours were not being pulled together at all. Then I sat, closed my eyes, and had this image of Shiva standing still. I felt the need not only for the masculine to be represented, but to hold and bring the feminine energy of the herbs together. The masculine is represented by the sun- the opposite to the feminine moon. I knew what was needed for both taste, energy, and symbology- roasted sunflower seeds! And wow does this hold the crisp, sweet taste of the willow bark and the lotus together. It leaves the palate beautifully lubricated and the nutty flavour dances and merges with the sweet. I'm excited about this brew which has taken a long time to evolve with a lot of trust in guidance and intuition. Harmony is met with this brew. It is beautiful. It is unique. It is ancient. It is here! I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the process of creating it.

N.B: Typical of our fast- paced, easy- fix time we live in, many people who have learnt of this brew ask if it will help them transcend into altered states of consciousness. In answer to that question- No. Not alone, that is.... There is a process of ceremony, of rhythmical breathing, of honouring and respecting those who have come before us.... in essence to humble and open ourselves enough to be receptive to All- beyond what we have merely experienced, before even contemplating being able to enter altered states of consciousness. It starts with how we treat ourselves. It starts with deep respect. I hope to do this brew justice when humbly performing such ceremonies....

Brewing info:

Best brewed in a pot on a stove or over a fire as the lotus flowers are kept whole and require room to steep. Please see brewing instructions on pamphlet received after purchasing the Ascension Brew.

*Ascension brew is not recommended for those on blood- thinning medication, for lactating mothers, pregnant women, or have a kidney disorder. Please consult your doctor if on any medication prior to consuming.

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