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The Experience of Drinking Out of a Green 'New Jade' Crystal Cup.......

I have to be honest. I am absolutely in love with my 'New green jade' crystal cup. Move over my precious ceramic tea cup, this crystal cup is amazing. The vibration when drinking tea from one of these is divine! I need to share this beauty!! Let me tell you a little about what I have learnt of this beautiful crystal..... Firstly, it is linked to the 'earth star chakra'. Now usually only energy healers would be well aware of the importance of connection to this chakra. It is our connection to the magnetic core of the earth- very important for balancing our energy, and for our stability in our life. Keeping in mind the balancing effects of the crystal, it has been used for thousands of years as a beautiful way to assist energy movement within the body- including the Kundalini energy. This is a beautiful experience as you have both the balancing and the energetic movement occurring. It is said that because of the balance with the energy it reduces some of the symptoms that may be experienced through the 'Kundalini awakening'. For more information on Kundalini please press this link

It has been used throughout the ages to stimulate the heart space (or chakra). This is the birth place of true courage, for one who has an open heart in a world of chaos does so with the wisdom that it surely will be broken- however this courage is needed now more than ever. This crystal cup helps to soothe this space, helps the individual to remain balanced in this space and therefore aids in deeper connection with self and higher self. The heart space is key to our health... It is essential to care for this space. If the heart space is strong, emotional issues that exist surrounding fear are eradicated and this then aides in spiritual growth with the ability to release belief patterns And will in turn help you to live a happier, healthier life!

Now, for those spiritually keen, this cup will be a great companion for you. If you are not so inclined the basic impressions I have from drinking out of these cups is that the tea is smoother in feel within the mouth, you can taste more of the tea's intricate make up. It's as if the tea surrenders itself that little bit more when bathing in the beautiful vibrations the crystal cup vibrates with. It really is a unique and beautiful experience.

I feel the need to do some tea ceremonies with these crystal cups... oh what an experience! I'm getting excited over the prospect of this!

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