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Why Tea Ceremony?- The story Behind the Love of Tea Ceremonies for Me......

I'm going to get personal....My tea business is my passion that I pour my heart and soul into, and I feel the need to get a little more transparent. I once had a teacher say, "Openness welcomes openness..." I didn't know how wise those words were at the time, but I'm beginning to understand.... So, I thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Imagine this.... A person so afraid of intimacy that she couldn't look most people in the eye for any length of time, couldn't be touched even by accident without flinching....a person suffering from post traumatic stress and keeping it hidden as much from work colleagues as she could from her loving husband. A woman who lost her way and got caught up in the 'doing, doing, doing...' part of life so as to distract her from the real issues she wasn't yet to face. She was afraid, she was tired and she was desperate for change.... that person was ME! 8 years ago in the height of my Policing career. I was seeing the worst of the worst, I was feeling the worst of the worst and I thought I was coping. But, I realised quickly that the way I was 'living' was simply 'surviving'. I was not flowing, I was not passionate, I was not able to provide love the way I wanted to because I couldn't provide it to myself.

This is where tea and becoming an energy worker entered my life. This is the backbone of my own transformation. I was introduced to Reiki after my back gave way on me the day before I was meant to work. I had purchased my first 'spiritual book', 'Radical Awakening' by Richard Moss, and I didn't have 'time' to read it. I remember saying to my husband before going to sleep that night, "When will I get the chance to read this book?" 2am that morning I awoke to a massive back pain, so much so that I couldn't stand upright when I tried to get out of bed. This pain only got worse... naturally I had to call in sick to work, which brought me to tears as I didn't want to let anyone down. My children still went to their carers and I got myself somehow to the doctors where he couldn't tell me what was wrong. Told me to rest as there appears nerve damage and gave me two weeks off work. I was at a loss. But, when I arrived home, I picked up the book previously mentioned and started reading. Then I made my first Reiki appointment with a practitioner, as no one else was going to touch me with the amount of swelling around my back. I was willing to try anything and I had the feeling that this issues was more than just physical..... Like the book I read, Reiki was life changing and lead me to becoming a practitioner, and further opened me to different energy healing modalities which I am an avid student and practitioner of today. Back to the point I want to make: It was during all of this that lead me to start to open to creating my own tea ceremonies. I had looked into attending some, and did attend a few, but my soul was yearning more depth, more beauty, more... just MORE than just tea... and so, I created them for myself. I began a cyclical breathing technique as I drank the tea which relaxed me instantly, and so tea slowly taught me how to meditate by myself as well.... Life changing! I was calming my mind and opening and trusting more thanks to a simple tea ceremony practice that I started to do.

Fast forward a couple of years, I gathered the courage to take long service leave from Policing. It was during this time that I came into creating my own blends. Creativity sparkled, and I started meeting people that only ignited this creativity and passion to keep going..... Timeless Tea was taking shape....

The tea I create ENHANCES these ceremonies you can do yourself. The tea is designed to use to take you into areas that need attention in your life. It's tea to be EXPERIENCED not just tasted. I pack it in such a way as to enhance the energy- often shakti rises up as I'm packing... I completely lose track of time, there's singing, dancing, and sheer love and joy..... and THAT'S just with packing the tea! The tea CEREMONY is something else completely different again!

I guess because of my experience with lack of connection to self, to others and the let's call it the invisible world, I have a focus on connection first and foremost when facilitating ceremonies. Let's face it, there is something so relaxing and beautiful about having a cuppa either with friends or by ourselves, that's so deeply ingrained in us that it's an easy way to drop into that deep stillness that is in everyone..... It is my hope that this passion to connect is somehow transmitted during a group ceremony empowering and igniting those in the group to go home and continue doing the ceremonies and creating new ones for themselves!

So, the next time you choose one of the Timeless Tea blends, please have in mind the focus of the ceremony you want to create for yourself..... Then the right tea for you at that time will jump out at you!! I wish your Timeless Tea experience to be one of depth, of flow, of creating a beautiful ceremony for yourself and for others to assist to create the change you desire most in your life.

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