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The Humble Cuppa as a Tool In the Rhythm of Life

The beach has always been a great teacher for me.... ever since I was a young child I enjoyed feeling the wrath of mother nature in the wild form. I couldn't determine if a wave was going to throw me around or allow me to gently and gracefully pass under it or over it without an issue.....

Now I look at the waves rolling in, expanding on the shore, and contracting, rolling out to the vast ocean once more to be re-used again, and again, in a beautiful rhythm.. and I realize my life seems to be like that. At times I am beautifully expanded (which is often the state I am in when I offer tea ceremonies, and am a very patient and open person) and other times I want to be silent, be by myself and not give anything to anyone else but myself for a period of time.

Recently, I have gone through some difficulties in my life (some still quite raw) and without my tea ritual, I would have lost that deep connection of knowing I am more than my emotions, more than my thoughts, more than my body which is at times causing discomfort and pain..... I realized when I started to drink my tea that it was a lot like looking out at the ocean, only I am the ocean, and the vastness as like the ocean lies within the depths of my essence, my soul. And as I breathed in my first breath to take the warm, aromatic and comforting liquid into my mouth I felt myself expand like a wave peaking in the ocean.... and as I held my breath the peak got higher and stronger, before allowing the liquid fall down my throat as I swallowed the warm tea within my body, spreading it's warmth as it beautifully cascaded inside of me until it reached my belly, like a wave meeting the sand..... before I breathed out the air or breath I had been holding, sending the energy, and warmth back to my vastness ready to receive another wave of energy from the herbs as they surrendered more and more to the hot water... And I sit there, poised with my cup to my mouth in bliss....ready to expand and contract all over again..... and again.... and again.... even in that moment, no matter how short, I'd consider that a moment well spent.

I am not perfect. Nor am I a machine where I can say to myself 'I just want to stay expanded, give beautiful ceremonies and remain in this bliss...' but the reality is, I'm not perfect, I am not a machine, and I am honouring this part of myself that sometimes needs to contract back into itself- like a wave in the ocean.... I need to honour that rhythm of my being, for allowing myself to be both contracted at times, and expanded at times I am able to watch my natural rhythm in all of this chaos.... in being a wife, a mother, and running two businesses..... stopping, acknowledging I need to contract when the wave smashes on the shore, even if it's for the time of a blissful cuppa, can make the world of difference in my life. If I don't take time out for myself to get 'back into my own rhythm' then truly, who will? It's time to feel my rhythm again....

I'm taking my rhythm of life back! One breath and one cuppa at a time....

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