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Opening Eyes~ A Blend to Refresh and Focus

This is a blend designed for those who get tired eyes, for those who need a little more focus, and for those who need to be refreshed.... Welcome to the blend of Opening Eyes. A bit of back ground: Opening Eyes was a commission tea creation to be a support for the amazing services of Life Coaching and Mentoring business- 'Opening Eyes'. A beautiful business created and ran by Roslyn Wozniak.

The challenge was set- collaboration was in the air as Roz and I spoke on the phone. This tea needed to be created for those corporate and spiritual clients, for both men and women. So, this was a wide audience to try to impress and also come up with a blend to assist everyone in this client base as well. Challenge accepted!

The creative juices were flowing.... Tea was flying as I began mixing a bit of this with a bit of that.... the base of a Sencha green tea was used with mint.....from then the ingredients that wanted to be included screamed at me. In they jumped- cassia chips (spice), apple pieces (sweet), cloves (spice), calendula flowers (sweet and earthy- also assists with eye health and general well being), and dandelion flower (really high in antioxidants and great for all round health). But, when all of these ingredients began to dance together in the teapot I could smell an infusion of beautifully balanced herbs and spices. And when I sipped the blend it was smooth on the palate, and the sweet and spice danced together on my tongue in an intriguing adventure of tasting the different intricacies in the blend.

Opening Eyes can be re- steeped (re-used) up to four times. Each steeping provides a new experience. It is a subtle, delicate tea that provides aid to helping you feel more focused in refreshed.

To finish the story, Opening Eyes ( loved it. Roz is still a customer of mine to this day, buying Opening Eyes tea blend.

It also makes a mean Iced Tea!

So, now you know the life of 'Opening Eyes' tea blend..... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!

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