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The way the tea is packaged is unique. A blessing, (usually with an empowerment intent) is performed followed by packing the tea whilst in a meditative state. This is done based upon the transference of positive, relaxed and powerful energy through me, into the tea, and to you. Tea packing is only done when I am centred within myself. This assists with the continuation of the positive flow of energy.


Energy healing occurrs through the art of Reiki. I have gained these skills though my certification in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. My energy practice continues to unfold during my life-long evolving study of the art of energy healing. This enables the transference of positive universal energy.


Due to the unique tea packing practices, there may some delay in receiving the product. An email will be sent advising of order and estimated time of receiving the tea.






For more information on the individual tea and herbal brews please go over to the blog section.

General Tea Information:

I am passionate about one tea in particular- Oolong. I love the variety in the type of tea. I specialise in Oolong tea and herbal tea because the two are rich in history for improving health.... Oolong (despite being great for digestion) is a tea utilised for many spiritual practices in the east, and herbs are close to my heart because for many thousands of years they have been used as medicine. 

Oolong tea is a digestive tea. It has been used by Chinese folk for many centuries. Oolong is processed in different ways, providing a great variety to choose from. Some are full bodied and have a dark roasted flavour and aroma, others have a sweet lingering flavour, while others have a light grassy flavour. For those looking to enrich their spiritual practice, oolong is the perfect meditative tea for you. It may contain a small amount of caffeine, mostly in the green variety to assist alertness, but has a beautiful calming effect when consuming the warm liquid. Visually, it is a beautiful tea. It can be steeped many times- some say up to eight times. Each time it is steeped its leaves which begin tightly rolled open a little each steeping, releasing a little more of itself each time. Both visually stimulating and beautifully aromatic.
Herbal Teas and Mixed Tea:

If there is a natural remedy for common ailments and general pick-me-ups, why not use it? That is exactly what herbal teas and mixed tea with herbs do. They are very refreshing and are perfect for those who wish to be more holistic in their approach to their health. 

The specific blends are created with the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies in mind. This means that the brews are blanced and are perfect for meditation, and integration of energy throughout the systems.

Sometimes individual blends are created on request.

Tea Packing Ritual
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