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About Me

Timeless Tea- Tea Ceremonies

I have had a love for tea and how it can bring people together and connect since I was a little girl. I was very energetic and rarely sat still- except when it was time for a cuppa! That was how I experienced stillness.... I still continue this today. I find that it helps me to stay calm in an often chaotic world. Tea has been a big part of my life. In my early adult years I began to experiment with teas that I had never tried before. I realised how each different tea had an effect on my body, mind and generally how I was feeling.


As I progressed with this experimentation, I came across people who began to ask me questions about different teas, and blends and the benefit they may have. I felt the need to create my business; to make it a point where you can gain information, buy tea, and even have a meeting point to connect. Timeless Tea has grown organically and through a lot of trial and error I have found some good quality products that now I would love to share with you. More recently, through becoming aware of how different herbs effect my mind, body, and soul- I have been able to create my own line of herbal teas.....


The creation of Timeless Tea as a business stemmed from my need to live in my passion. After eleven years serving in the New South Wales Police Force, I found myself wanting to be creative and linking all of my passions together. In the last few years, I realised I had lost my passion for being a Police Officer and was only working for money. So I quit my job and I decided to follow my passion and link my Reiki practice and my tea business to create a lovely way to transfer that universal energy into my tea. My tea is packed whilst I am in a meditative state, on the massage table where I practice Reiki.


My deepest passion is to feel connected, and to empower each other to live a better quality of life. I want to help others alleviate their symptoms of anxiety, depression and every day chaos that is often experienced in the mind, preventing them from flourishing. The tea ceremony throughout time was a well known tool for doing this. If we take this ceremony one step further, we can learn to connect with our deeper self which helps us to relax and to put things into perspective. Bringing a little of the ancient rituals back to modern life is my absolute joy! I would love to share this with you.


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