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This is a specialised blend of herbs and flowers for the ancient practice of cleansing the sacred Yoni. This particular product is grown from seed and transplanted within a spiral shaped garden made from natural stones. This ancient method of growing the herbs and the slow method of drying the herbs (19 hours slow drying) and the energetic transference which occurs during packing the herbs makes this a potent yoni steam. 
The herbs are kept whole during the drying and packing processes and remain in their natural shape as if plucked from the spiral.  This makes it aesthetically pleasing, potent in aroma, and beautiful to hold.

Yoni Brew

$45.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • Please note due to the unique packing technique, determined by the balance of energy obtained within each packet, there is no set weight recorded. Each bag weighs between 50-70 grams and has approximately x 5 individual uses. 

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