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Wild Woman's Comfort

Prior to making this brew I sat in stillness and I had this overwhelming urge to create a blend for an influential leader and 'facilitator' in the art of the divine feminine, shamanism and tantra . This woman is wild. She is a great embodiment of the divine feminine. A balance of 'darkness and light', of bold tenacity and humility.....a perfect example of what every woman has within herself, albeit perhaps in a less obvious way.... so, instead of creating a bold tasting brew, I went for something that 'strong' women- most women, rarely ask for. I went for a brew to comfort her on her massive personal spiritual path, and for her quest to educate, empower and inspire. When things get real, we need to have something to comfort us and balance us out in the midst of all of this chaos and amazing energy.

So, this brew has evolved the more I sat in her energy. This bold, crazy, raw and loving woman needed something of the opposite..... Lemongrass is the base of this creation. It is a cooling herb in the ayrvedic tradition, it is detoxifying for the body, and it is known to be calming for the nervous system and the body; Ginger is included as a warming herb, and for its calming effect for the stomach (should any massive energy surges come through and relief is needed); Lavender is included to relax the mind by relieving stress, it is also known to improve mood and promote restful sleep; Hibiscus flower for its rich anti- oxidents and vitamin C, perfect for a pick me up if at risk of being 'run down'; and Dong Quai root, an ancient Chinese herb- used for thousands of years by the Chinese to reduce symptoms of PMS, and menstrual cycle, (Golden Lotus Herbs. com) This herb was added to aid hormonal imbalances which may from time to time occur, as well for its blood tonic abilities to cleanse and regenerate especially during and after menstruation. This herb will help women keep feeling energized, and in the 'flow' of the universe...

The interestingly late addition to the brew was Lavender. I had all of the other ingredients mixed together but it just wasn't comforting enough, nor balanced.... I sat and closed my eyes. A moment later a woman wearing a purple dress came into my mind and seemed to move softly in the wind (much the same as my lengthy lavender does as I watch it through the glass door of my small dining area). I immediately opened my eyes and knew that Lavender was central to balancing this brew for the taste but also to balance the ginger and Dong Quai Root. Needless to say, the flavours were amazing together!

Upon finally combining all of these ingredients together, I could taste that they were balanced. The cooling and warming herbs, the beautiful sweetly lingering aroma, the taste- sweet, tart, citricy and earthy, and also the colour of the brew- a lovely pink/ purple colour, are just perfect to sit and observe as it steeps away infront of you, as the ingredients mix and merge, they slowly release all of their essence for your comfort.

Although this brew was inspired by the audacious Sabrina Lynn, I know that this brew will benefit any woman (or man- this tea is regularly used by my husband when he gets migraines. Its helps soothe his aching head and stops the nausea associated with the migraine). Not only did I enjoy the process of making this brew, but it's one of my favourites.

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