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'Go Deep or Get Out'

Time deep in lush mountainous terrains accessible only by a creek driven by a four wheel drive vehicle, made me realize how easy it was to sink deeper into myself. Perhaps it was the extra trees and lush grass, perhaps it was the sacred ancient volcanoes I was nestled under in the quaint little rustic hut belonging to my gorgeous friend, Kristy. Or was it simply the fact that I allowed myself to not be distracted by the issues that exist in my usual daily life? It made me wonder as I sat with my latest creation, 'Lemon Trio Tea', preparing to sip it contently, what if I could be more present of those things that distract me, compared to those things that assist me? That may be another way to sink deeper in my everyday life.

Distraction is something I allow daily, probably every minute (or second), actually. Being a mother of two young boys, and running two businesses, I seem to allow things to get on top of me and chaos raises its head a little more than I'd like it to! 'How to shed some light on this?'- was a question I was asking myself. So, what was it that causes the distraction away from my mission (or something I'm trying to do), or assisting with my mission, that is the question. It's easy to say to someone, "You just need more focus..." But HOW do I do that? How can I do it in a balanced way when I need not 'do' anything at all? So, after my tea sitting, I have the answer spring into my mind, it's so simple it makes me laugh! Awareness. Be aware of distractions my life. Children are a lovely distraction, and one I wouldn't change for the world. My answer to this one is to do my work when they are asleep. But, with some other people it isn't so simple!

Horrible to say, are there people who distract me in my life? Is it a welcome distraction, or does it take me away from what I me trying to do? Do they sap my energy, or prop me up when I need it? What are the lessons there? Hopefully I don't need to just cut them from my life! Maybe I do? Are there other things to implement surrounding respecting myself and placing myself first??? Once I become aware, the management of it becomes easy. Same goes with anything else in life. I'm trialing this really simple practice where before I do anything, I ask the question of myself "why am I doing this?" If I know the answer and it is in line with what I want to do then great. If I am not sure, then I stop and ponder that. And if it's because I have been distracted (either by a person or situation) away from my initial intention or what I truly need etc then I stop!

I'm finding it a practice that is helping me to drop in to why I do what I do. And is helping me clear away the stuff that seems to sap time and make me less centred. I am finding I am having more confidence as a result! Plus I can serve my responsibilities and my 'me' time better as well.

Go deep, or get out- ha ha, this is one of my sayings that I lovingly say to my friends after we have just had deep, meaningful conversations with what we call 'truth bombs'. Even if what is said hurts, it is said with such love and lack of desire to manipulate, that I honour and respect the truth behind it and it becomes another aspect of myself that I am to focus on in my growth of allowing myself to wholeness. I am addicted to these conversations. And I recently realized that doing the simple practice above by myself, was giving me a similar kick (lacking the energy of the other person, but you get what I mean)..... It is helping me to the truth of what I really want, and it is an empowering practice that is allowing me to 'take out the trash' as Carol Myss (P.hD) says! Is it time to start to lesson the distractions in your life? It certainly is for me!!

So, why am I writing about this in my tea page? I use tea as a tool to drop me deeper into myself, to come home when I need more of myself! When I need stillness. When I need courage.... I allow myself to drop deeper. Breathing in my tea, taking it into my body and allowing the breath to my mind. Usually, all can become clear when I come out of that moment- whether it lasts a minute, or thirty minutes.... And my answer/s to the question/s I pose at the start of my tea sitting seem to be answered by the very stillness itself.

It's the level of consciousness we bring to our world that determines our level of power in our lives.......

Sending love,


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